sábado, 7 de fevereiro de 2009

How to prepare for the crisis

According to Chinese astrology, 2008 was the year of the brown rat: a time of expected and great changes. Some of them became quite remarkable when the crippling American real estate started to capitulate, as well as the greed-is-good mantra of the free-trade in which it was inspired. But, currently, how to prepare for the crisis?

In fact, the undergoing financial and economic crisis already seems so yesterday, and still one may claim neither heads of States nor the average citizens are aware of how to tackle the current issues. The more news on the crisis is massively broadcast, the fewer reasonable alternatives seem feasible. Therefore, no one is able to predict what will come next in this crisis of capitalism.

Undoubtedly, the nationalisation of the banking system in virtually the entire Western industrialised world and those millons of unemployed citizens worldwide are at the core of the current crisis. Even if one has a job now, no one is able to predict for how long. It is a time of unpredictable, great changes, which demand new paradigms to cope with them.

As the world started to dramatically change in 2008, like expected by Chinese astrology, what may one do in order to survive the current crisis? Since no one has conceived such paradigms so far, a believe would suggest praying for now.

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