quarta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2009

Future is now

The greed-is-good mantra of the free-market's capitulation to the de facto nationalisation of the banking system in virtually the entire Western industrialised world is at the core of the worst economic crisis of capitalism since Great Depression. What might one expect from now on?

In a country founded on African slavery, the ascension of an African American to the White House is historic. Nevertheless, no one should expect that positive social, political and economic changes will come from Barack Obama without pressure for them.

On the other hand, climate change and global warming have contributed to food price inflation all over the globe. Starvation may be a chaotic scenario, but it is more and more likely. Meanwhile, farming is still subsidised in most developed countries, what makes fair trade infeasible.

In spite of Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip and Obama's administration's approach to it, just breaking the stifling conservative orthodoxy of George W. Bush's era would make liberalism a more viable ideological alternative for the ones who want to see real change.

by khalil@bendib.com

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